Cancellation & Refund Policy

UTPL reserves the right to cancel any order at any stage before accepting the final payments and upon such cancellation of orders the Purchaser shall only be entitled to claim refund of such amount paid as advance or upfront payments save such claim of refund of advance amount the Purchaser shall have no other claim or demand whatsoever upon UTPL and simultaneously with the acceptance of the terms and conditions as provided herein the user shall be deemed to have given a waiver of its right to make any claim for damages or otherwise. In the event of cancellation all refunds would be made within __7__ business days by UTPL. UTPL reserves the right to reject or rescind or cancel any order placed using Credit/Debit Card which holds National/International Billing Address or appears dubious in probity.

No quality issues will be addressed by UTPL after delivery of the goods or issuance of the inspection certificate by the third party agency appointed by the Purchaser save and except any in the event of any manufacturing defects revealed on the materials at the time of inspection by the user at the workshop of the UTPL will be rectified and/or replaced fresh materials depending upon the situation. No claim of refund would hold good or survive for incorrect purchase or change of mind of the Purchaser. All requests for refund in case of cancellation are need to be made, in writing to or within 2 (Two) days from the date of placement of the purchase order. Any material which “UTPL” decides or chooses not to put under shipment, will be duly notified through an email and any amount so charged to the credit card of the user will be refunded.

All these terms and conditions are subject to changes from time to time.

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