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Utkarsh is a way of Life

Utkarsh India Limited (Formerly Known as Utkarsh Tubes & Pipes Limited) has evolved as an enterprise to meet global demands of life. With four major verticals for Lighting Mast & Polygonal Poles, Transmission Line Towers & Substation Structures, Polymer Products and Steel Tubes & Pipes. Having reached international markets across 20 countries globally. Established as a preferred manufacturer in infra-structural segments across pan-India.

Journey of Excellence

Utkarsh India Limited (Formerly Known as Utkarsh Tubes & Pipes Limited) is a name to reckon based on basic elements of life. Our approach is holistic and value-based. With highly equipped state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Eastern India, we produce the best infra-structural products to meet global & countries expectations.

Value-Based Products

Utkarsh offers an array of pipes and fittings, which are used in different areas such as Plumbing, Sewage, Agriculture and Bore-well sectors. To facilitate, smooth operation of Electricity & Railway Electrification, we offer various Transmission Towers, Substations, Rural Electrification and Structural in every sphere of human needs. We follow latest IT technology for our operations as being carried out on various ERP to other automated application platforms.

We strictly follow the minimum Legal Regulations for Labour Law, Health & Safety compliance, Products Safety and Environmental standards. Utkarsh strives to meet the customer’s requirement without compromising the resources for our future generation.


To deliver world class products at competitive prices on demand as well as provide superior service to customers by developing leading edge solutions in technology and processes and opportunities for inclusive growth for our employees by nurturing human resource, so that all our partners can share the pride of success.


To be an industry benchmark across all verticals, while becoming the supplier of choice, delivering premium products and services, creating value with our customers and demonstrating high ethical standards.

Mr. Sunil Bansal (Chairman and Managing Director)
Mr. Sunil Bansal is the founder of Utkarsh India Limited (Formerly Known as Utkarsh Tubes & Pipes Limited). With over 25 years of experience in the industry, he has been at the forefront of the accelerated growth and diversification of the company into different products. His vision and leadership has enabled the brand to become one of the leading players in each product segment, as well as constantly reaching out to new markets. He has been successful in building a structured and highly professional organization, which has allowed the company to constantly deliver his vision of excellence in service and quality.
Mr. Utkarsh Bansal (Director – Business Strategies)
Having graduated with a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the University of California, Berkeley, Mr. Utkarsh Bansal heads the company’s business strategy and is involved in increasing our global presence. He has been integral in evolving our company from a traditional manufacturer into a modern manufacturer implementing JIT, lean manufacturing and other processes. Constantly looking for new and innovative solutions, he represents the ambition of our company.
Utkarsh India Limited (Formerly Known as Utkarsh Tubes & Pipes Limited) has been maintaining all along financial discipline and prudence. During F.Y.15-16 the Company achieved the gross turnover of INR 5706.23 millions. Financial parameter/performance of the Company corroborates the positive growth trajectory of the Company. Financial performances of the last four years are as under:

(INR in Million)
Particulars 2012-13 (Audited) 2013-14 (Audited) 2014-15 (Audited) 2015-16 (Audited)
Gross Sales 5133.73  5369.93 5575.34 5706.23
Increase   4.60%  3.83%  2.35%
Net Sales 4666.91 4892.73 5111.96 5128.27
Increase   4.84%  4.48%  0.32%
PBIDT  322.20 354.47 432.32 495.54
Increase   10.06%  22.25%  14.62%
PAT 55.88 60.32  72.89  64.27
Increase / (Decrease)   7.87% 20.90% (11.83%)
TNW  1009.78 1159.20 1232.09 1296.36
Increase    14.80%  6.29%  5.22%

Under the able guidance of Shri Sunil Bansal, CMD the Company is contemplating to achieve the gross turnover of INR 8,000 million by F.Y 16-17 and also UIL will carve out a niche to emerge as a national major player as well as expand itself to global expectations in a meaningful way.
The Corporate Philosophy

Utkarsh, as the name suggests, is a responsive business house committed to bettering the quality of living. The embedded philosophy of the brand statement 'Life demands, We deliver' symbolizes that the company will always deliver responding to the ever changing demands of life. The company believes in adopting the best practices in terms of corporate governance that have continued to evolve over the years. Integrity, transparency and accountability are integral to the way the Company conducts its business in every sphere. It also believes in a shared corporate culture shaped by the value-based guiding principles that underpin every business decision. The company has adopted an integrated business model of leadership in business and efforts towards Social as well as Environmental Responsibility. To maintain the customer’s trust and a dominant market share for time to come, Utkarsh will continue to adhere to growth with systems and processes and seize opportunities for value creation.

CSR Vision:
  1. Develop meaningful and effective strategies for engaging with all stakeholders.
  2. Consult with local communities to identify effective and culturally appropriate development goals.
  3. Partner with credible organizations like trusts, foundations, etc. including non-government organizations.
  4. Check and prevent pollution, recycle, manage and reduce waste, manage natural resources in a sustainable manner.
  5. Ensure efficient use of energy environment friendly technologies.

The Board of Directors of the Company have constituted a CSR Committee as per provisions of Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 (“Act”) and Rules made there under.

CSR Activities:
  • Promotion of education: Sponsoring education of underprivileged children by making School for them. During the financial year 2014-15, the Company has incurred expenditure to the tune of Rs.4 lacs towards promotion of education by sponsoring education of underprivileged children by construction of School building for them near the local area (Mouza Cheragram), plot no. 1900 under Gurap Gram Panchayat at the plant situated at Gurap, Hooghly.
  • Eradicating extreme hunger and poverty: The Company shall distribute food packets and packaged drinking water. Preference to be given to local area at plants situated at Jangalpur, Howrah and Gurap, Hooghly.
  • Promoting gender equality and empowering women: Safeguards to ensure that all employees of whatever nationality, colour, race or religious belief are treated with respect and without sexual, physical or mental harassment. The Company shall provide the cost of medical treatments.
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability: Swachh Bharat Mission (cleaning, implant trees, reduce global warming etc.). The expenditure to be incurred in the local area at plants situated at Jangalpur, Howrah and Gurap, Hooghly.
  • Other activities: The other activities shall be in accordance with the Schedule VII of the Act.

CSR Expenditure:

CSR expenditure will include all expenditure, direct and indirect, incurred by the Company on CSR Programmes undertaken in accordance with the approved CSR Plan.


The Annual Report of the Company include a section (Annexure I) on CSR outlining the CSR Policy, CSR committee, CSR initiatives undertaken by Company, the CSR spend during the financial year and other information as required by the prevailing law.
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